My First Novel Turns 2

You remain what I needed you to be: a solid foundation for everything I still want to do with your characters.



A picture is worth a thousand words, but that doesn't mean you should be writing a thousand words to paint a picture.

FFS, Write The Damn Prologue

You can't learn how to use the tools if you don't use the tools.


One-Off Characters, Or: Why Are You Yelling At Me?

THE COLD BETWEEN is about belonging, REMNANTS OF TRUST is about revenge, BREACH OF CONTAINMENT is about sacrifice, and I think CONDITION OF WAR is going to be about grief.


MINDHUNTER: Yakking About Psychopaths

I'd be really, really worried about a guy who manages to so easily convince more than one serial killer that they're BFFs.


2018: Because Somebody Has To Do It

Your exhaustion doesn't matter. Your bitterness, your sense of unfairness, your wish for the universe to be something other than it is--none of that matters. You're not playing "the only way to win" anymore. You never were. You're playing "the only way to not lose horribly and catastrophically."


2017: Half Full

I thought I was a hopeless naif going into all this, but really the most naive thing I did was allow myself to keep believing that.