The Role of Romance

When Ravna had worked for Vrinimi Org, she'd noticed customer interest in romance literature. It was probably the most idiosyncratic of all written art forms. No surprise there; when it was intelligible, romance lit gave more insight into an alien culture and psyche than anything this side of Transcendence. - Vernor Vinge, The Children of … Continue reading The Role of Romance


The Twitter Deal

or, as I like to think of it: Voluntary Public Embarrassment. Starting Wednesday, November 2, I am going to tweet daily one sentence from the night before's NaNoWriMo work. I'll tag the tweet #NaNoWriMo #SoD (sentence of the day), which will actually restrict me to 124 characters. (I am thinking in some cases this will … Continue reading The Twitter Deal

On Editing

(Warning: I'm sick, therefore this will be long-winded.) I have been reading a really good technical book. Those of you who read technical books know what a rarity this is. So many technical books are impenetrable, for one reason or another: they explain too little, they explain too much, they are poorly (or completely un-) … Continue reading On Editing

Less Is More

Sometimes I think Twitter is going to ruin my writing. Everything comes out now in 140 characters or less. I tweet more than I write on Facebook - although sometimes I think that's because the people who've friended me on Facebook expect real, profound thoughts when I post there - or at least some bit … Continue reading Less Is More