The Twitter Deal

or, as I like to think of it: Voluntary Public Embarrassment.

Starting Wednesday, November 2, I am going to tweet daily one sentence from the night before’s NaNoWriMo work. I’ll tag the tweet #NaNoWriMo #SoD (sentence of the day), which will actually restrict me to 124 characters. (I am thinking in some cases this will be a blessing.)

Rules I’ll use for my choices:

  • No smut
  • No profanity worse than PG-level

I’ll preserve typos, as long as it doesn’t render the sentence completely unintelligible. Since I’m NaNo-ing on my iPad, I imagine typos will be plentiful.

I’ll keep this up through December 1, unless I am too exhausted from frantically pushing my word count past 49,999 the night before.

My Twitter ID is @liz_monster, but the feed is followed here as well.

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