Lizmonster’s Guide to Social Media

I'm deep in the throes of editing, and having a small freakout about hitting my November deadline. So, because I've been distracting myself a lot with the usual social media suspects, I'm presenting my personal list of Dos and Don'ts for Twitter and Facebook. (Please note that I violate every one of these rules, every … Continue reading Lizmonster’s Guide to Social Media


Wasted on the Young

You've all seen them: "Share"s on Facebook of a photograph of some old piece of junk, with a "'Like' and 'Share' if you know what this is!!" exhortation beneath. Skate keys, those little plastic inserts for 45 rpm records, an 8-track tape cartridge. I even saw, the other day, a rotary-dial phone - c'mon, guys, … Continue reading Wasted on the Young