I Seem To Have Started A Newsletter

and totally forgotten to mention it here.

Well, okay; I added it to the sidebar. But my lovely friend Jan reminded me some people see the blog posts via email and never come to the site.

A marketing prodigy I am not, people.

Anyway, here are the gory details:

  • Drops the 12th of every month at noon EST
  • Includes newsy stuff, links to recent blog posts, a review of some media of some kind (book, movie, piece of music), a piece of advice for writers, and a Q & A
  • No ads whatsoever
  • Brightly-colored header suitable for framing

I post a link to the web versionย more or less simultaneously with the email drop, so if you want to see old issues, have a look. (Conveniently, there’s a subscription link on the same page. ๐Ÿ˜€)

Right now I’m still getting the hang of things organizationally. There’s nothing newsletter-exclusive just yet. I do have a few thoughts on that, including the possibility of doing some kind of book giveaway when the newsletter reaches a certain number of subscribers.

ANYway – if you’re curious, have a look at the old issues and see what you think. And if you’d like, subscribe! I don’t sell your address or in any way make money off the deal, but it does cheer me to see that sub number go up. ๐Ÿ™‚


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