Now and Then

The thing about little glimmers of hope is that some people think “Oh, hey, cool, we’re all good now” and all the effort goes away. Of course every glimmer tends to be followed by at least one unfathomable shitshow, so I, for one, plan to stay on my toes.

But I’m going to enjoy the small victories anyway, for a little bit. They are a reminder that we are not the minority, not at all. The other side is trying hard to keep us discouraged, to make us feel isolated and stop fighting. But there are more of us than there are of them. I lose faith in that sometimes, but it is always true.

So let’s be happy about the glimmers, and stand up and be loud and keep fighting and be happy about the glimmers to come.

I’m doing Severance recaps. I should probably wait until I’ve written them all to post the first one, because the first one took me a really long time. But this is the internet, home of half-finished projects, and this makes for good procrastination, so it’s going up. (I haven’t done it justice. The attention to detail on this show is astonishing. If I noted everything in the recaps, each one would be a novel.) If you don’t want to wait for me…go watch it. Hell, go watch it anyway.

(When checked a few weeks ago Apple TV+ still had 7 day free trials. They do have other good shows–we’ve been hooked on For All Mankind for a while, for one–but if money is an issue, you can try the series with the trial. And yes, if Severance hooks you, you can binge it in a week. The Kid binged it in two days.)

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