My First Novel Turns 2

You remain what I needed you to be: a solid foundation for everything I still want to do with your characters.


About That Book…

One of the things that comes from not being famous is that nobody ever asks you about the things you want to talk about the most. I've got a couple of prime promo slots for this book--one on Mary Robinette Kowal's MY FAVORITE BIT, one on John Scalzi's BIG IDEA, and a nice interview on … Continue reading About That Book…

REMNANTS OF TRUST: or, What’s Revenge Got To Do With It?

I didn’t know, when I started this book, that it was going to be about revenge. Revenge is a funny thing. It seems to be a pretty strong human instinct. You hurt me; I hurt you. Scales get balanced and all is well, right? Except it doesn’t work out that way. It should—eye for an … Continue reading REMNANTS OF TRUST: or, What’s Revenge Got To Do With It?


NYCC (or: I have extroverted, and lived to tell about it)

When I was younger, I went to a fair number of cons. I wasn't the sort to travel much for it, but Boston was a pretty decent hub for such things, so there would usually be a couple each year I could hit without much trouble. I'd drag a friend or two, and we'd see … Continue reading NYCC (or: I have extroverted, and lived to tell about it)


In Which: There is rambling

"Be present on social media, Liz. It's good for the book." <checks date of last blog entry> Oops. One of the casualties of writing to deadline is that recreational writing - and the exhortations of people insisting that blogging is an important marketing tool don't make my personal blog any less recreational - gets shoved way, … Continue reading In Which: There is rambling


56 Days Later

The night before THE COLD BETWEEN was released, I jotted down some of my eve-of-publication impressions. I'm glad I did that, because my memory of feeling that way is entirely intellectual. That odd sense of pre-vulnerability is lost to me now, and I'm here, in the world where the book has been out for eight … Continue reading 56 Days Later


First Reading

Last night I did my very first for-real public reading of a bit of my book, as a for-real published author. This is how I felt: The reading was at Bear Pond Books in Montpelier, VT. I hadn't been to Montpelier since I was a kid, and I'm pretty sure we mostly drove through it … Continue reading First Reading