Not Quite Yet

Tomorrow is Publication Day, which means that today is the last day the book belongs to only me. Yes, there have been ARCs out. And reviews (some really nice reviews). I have a few beta readers for whom it's nearly as old as it is for me. But it's still, for tonight, just mine. It's … Continue reading Not Quite Yet



I went to my first science fiction convention when I was 11 years old. It was a Star Trek convention (no surprise, given the fans in my household). I had a book with me - I don’t remember which one - and at one point in the afternoon I snuck into an unpopulated ballroom so I … Continue reading Belonging

Hating The Classics

It's been a while since I posted, so I decided to let my Twitter feed give me an idea this morning. Here's the inpiring tweet: A Five Book Birthday Salute to D.H. Lawrence | Book Patrol - Tweeted by @PublishersWkly, September 12, 2014     I don't remember now why I picked up The … Continue reading Hating The Classics


Art vs. Work

Here's a headline for you: Fifty Shades of Grey soars to top of sales charts after shifting 660,000 copies in a week (Thanks to Terry Odell via Twitter for the link.) If you read the article in the Standard, you will note that a) this is for just the UK; and b) it's actually 664,478 copies … Continue reading Art vs. Work