Universal Stories: THE PUNISHER

With apologies to all of the great religious figures in history: turn the other cheek, my ass.


Small Things

When the world falls apart, small things become huge. It's been over a month since we lost Editor Cat. A couple of weeks ago, we acquired kittens, who came with a cold that they gave to Laser Cat, who became quite ill. She spent a couple of days in the hospital getting a hydrating IV and more x-rays … Continue reading Small Things


I tend, these days, to be cautious on the internet. A lot of this is because of all the years I spent not being cautious on the internet. I started on Usenet back in 1988, and I did my share of ranting and piling on. I have a temper, and the reason so few people know this about … Continue reading KILL IT WITH FIRE



I am a feminist. I can't remember when I first heard the word. "Women's lib" was discussed in the 70s, but even in the middle of it I recall it sounding vaguely insulting. I was well aware of the different expectations society had for men and women - mostly because I failed utterly at being … Continue reading Labels


Picking My Battles

Outside of exit interviews, I've gone to HR exactly three times in my career. The first was to provide some background on an issue a colleague was having. The second was because my boss at the time would not allow me to look for open internal positions, and I wanted clarification on company policy. The third … Continue reading Picking My Battles


How Would You Feel?

I had posted this last week and then taken it down, because it felt a little like a #firstworldproblems sort of rant. And in truth, I'm pretty lucky to live where I live, and for the most part I'm happy with my life.  But I do think that the equality of women is important, and … Continue reading How Would You Feel?


A Misconception

There is a pretty massive, long-standing cultural myth, which goes something like this: Any woman can get as many men as she wants at any point in time, therefore women are the ones gatekeeping/regulating the sexual activity of (heterosexual) men. This is patent, demonstrable bullshit, and I am a case in point. Despite the fact that I … Continue reading A Misconception