Art vs. Commerce

There are two sides to this writing thing: the creative side, and the business side. This is not news to anybody, right? It's just that, based entirely on my own experience, I'm pretty sure not everybody knows what it means. I sure as hell didn't understand. Even now I'm only just beginning to see it. And it's … Continue reading Art vs. Commerce


Dispelling a Couple of Myths

Regardless of my newbieness, it turns out there's one thing I do know about the publishing business, and it's this: sometimes conventional wisdom is bullshit. I hear assertions from people that are downright startling, mostly because I'm a living counterexample. I'd hate to have people reluctant to push their baby novels out of the nest … Continue reading Dispelling a Couple of Myths

Who Are These People?

When I was pregnant, I had a picture in my head of what my daughter would be like. She would be a reader, of course. (Not right away. Everyone thinks their child will be a genius, sure; but even I knew womb-to-library was probably a bit too much to expect.) She would be quiet and … Continue reading Who Are These People?


Why Do I Write Science Fiction?

Earlier this week, someone asked me this question. This is not the first time I've been asked, but in this situation I was nervous. It was an interview, of sorts, and this question was part of the "Tell me about yourself" section. So I talked about my grandfather, who worked with the space program, and … Continue reading Why Do I Write Science Fiction?


Revisions with Celia, Part 1

When it comes right down to it, this is all my mother’s fault. My mother has always loved dolls. When I was a little girl, she gave me some of the dolls she’d had as a child: gorgeous, eighteen-inch beauties with real human hair and eyes that closed. Each came with an extravagant wardrobe hand-made … Continue reading Revisions with Celia, Part 1