Small Things

When the world falls apart, small things become huge. It's been over a month since we lost Editor Cat. A couple of weeks ago, we acquired kittens, who came with a cold that they gave to Laser Cat, who became quite ill. She spent a couple of days in the hospital getting a hydrating IV and more x-rays … Continue reading Small Things


Ways to Cope

I've been trying to figure out what to say post-US election, but I find myself uncharacteristically short of words. So here are some words from others that have resonated with me: I Rebel by Kameron Hurley Here's Why We Grieve Today by John Pavlovitz Margaret and Helen Early Morning Thoughts on the Day After by John … Continue reading Ways to Cope

The Romance Thing

I actually wrote this a while ago, and tabled it. But here, on the cusp of the release of REMNANTS OF TRUST--which is also not a romance novel--it seemed like a good one to resurrect. WARNING: This post contains spoilers for THE COLD BETWEEN, although if you've read any reviews, they're probably spoilers you've already seen. Still: READ … Continue reading The Romance Thing


Art vs. Commerce

There are two sides to this writing thing: the creative side, and the business side. This is not news to anybody, right? It's just that, based entirely on my own experience, I'm pretty sure not everybody knows what it means. I sure as hell didn't understand. Even now I'm only just beginning to see it. And it's … Continue reading Art vs. Commerce


Not enough time

Editor Cat died today. People write on line about losing animals. It always makes me cry. But not like this, not like the reality of it. Empathy is one thing, but as part of your own life—wherever you look, this loss, this absence—no matter how much you cry for strangers, it’s not the same. This … Continue reading Not enough time


NYCC (or: I have extroverted, and lived to tell about it)

When I was younger, I went to a fair number of cons. I wasn't the sort to travel much for it, but Boston was a pretty decent hub for such things, so there would usually be a couple each year I could hit without much trouble. I'd drag a friend or two, and we'd see … Continue reading NYCC (or: I have extroverted, and lived to tell about it)


In Which: There is rambling

"Be present on social media, Liz. It's good for the book." <checks date of last blog entry> Oops. One of the casualties of writing to deadline is that recreational writing - and the exhortations of people insisting that blogging is an important marketing tool don't make my personal blog any less recreational - gets shoved way, … Continue reading In Which: There is rambling