Small Things

When the world falls apart, small things become huge. It's been over a month since we lost Editor Cat. A couple of weeks ago, we acquired kittens, who came with a cold that they gave to Laser Cat, who became quite ill. She spent a couple of days in the hospital getting a hydrating IV and more x-rays … Continue reading Small Things


Ways to Cope

I've been trying to figure out what to say post-US election, but I find myself uncharacteristically short of words. So here are some words from others that have resonated with me: I Rebel by Kameron Hurley Here's Why We Grieve Today by John Pavlovitz Margaret and Helen Early Morning Thoughts on the Day After by John … Continue reading Ways to Cope

Not enough time

Editor Cat died today. People write on line about losing animals. It always makes me cry. But not like this, not like the reality of it. Empathy is one thing, but as part of your own life—wherever you look, this loss, this absence—no matter how much you cry for strangers, it’s not the same. This … Continue reading Not enough time


Bug or Feature?

This entry doesn't have anything to do with books or writing. I just finished a draft, and I'm so burned out I can't see straight, so I'm going to write about something that is not writing, and is it just me or is there some kind of recursive weirdness there? Anyway. If you're not curious about computers, file … Continue reading Bug or Feature?


Wait – what just happened here?

Right after my daughter was born, the midwife held her up to my chest. I blinked down at this damp, strange-looking object. "Take your baby," the midwife said gently. Oh, yeah, that's what I'd been doing. I put my arms around her - arm, really; she didn't need both - as they wiped off her … Continue reading Wait – what just happened here?