Art vs. Commerce

There are two sides to this writing thing: the creative side, and the business side. This is not news to anybody, right? It's just that, based entirely on my own experience, I'm pretty sure not everybody knows what it means. I sure as hell didn't understand. Even now I'm only just beginning to see it. And it's … Continue reading Art vs. Commerce


Reflections on a Path

A few weeks ago, at Readercon, I mentioned offhandedly to my agent that I had originally planned to self-publish. It wasn't an entirely out-of-the-blue remark; we had just attended a panel on trade publishing, and had been discussing it over lunch. The conversation turned to other things, and it wasn't until later that I realized I'd only … Continue reading Reflections on a Path


The first scene of my book involves a woman at a bar. She doesn't know most of the other people there, and for various reasons she has to stick around for a while. Although the others there don't all know each other, it seems to her that they are all comfortable in this place, all … Continue reading Identity