NaNoWriMo Year 8

Holy cats, I really have been NaNoing since 2010. Considering everything, I was thinking of skipping this year. But things bubble, and NaNo has always been a really satisfying experience for me. So here we go again! And since I'm into lists of 5 these days, here are 5 things I learned from NaNoWriMo. Your … Continue reading NaNoWriMo Year 8


About That Book…

One of the things that comes from not being famous is that nobody ever asks you about the things you want to talk about the most. I've got a couple of prime promo slots for this book--one on Mary Robinette Kowal's MY FAVORITE BIT, one on John Scalzi's BIG IDEA, and a nice interview on … Continue reading About That Book…

Writing Retreats, or: Why I Can’t Teach Anyone A Damn Thing About Writing

My most vivid memories of Wizard World are of the times I disagreed with people. Of course, it wasn't always a wise choice. On one panel, offering strategies for writer's block, I quoted an audience member from an earlier discussion: "Drinking and drugs." (Which was meant as humor, of course, but I think the moderator … Continue reading Writing Retreats, or: Why I Can’t Teach Anyone A Damn Thing About Writing


Writing Advice and Rule-Breaking

aka Still Not The All-Encompassing Wizard World Philadelphia Post (sorry) One of the things I've always believed is that writing is such a deeply individual process that there's very little I can teach someone else about craft. I'm not talking about basics like grammar and vocabulary. I tend to assume writers are either already well-versed … Continue reading Writing Advice and Rule-Breaking


Writing Gender

"How do you go about writing a character that's a different gender than yourself?" That was a question I got at a panel at Wizard World Philadelphia, and it caught me completely off-guard. This isn't because it wasn't a question I could answer, or even an issue I haven't thought about. This was entirely because … Continue reading Writing Gender


Are You Sure? (Y/N)

Dear Fellow Writers Who Have Yet To Publish, Don't do it. Love, Liz ...Wait. You need more than that? Oh. Okay. Dear Fellow Writers Who Have Yet To Publish, If you love writing and value your sanity,┬ádon't do it. Love, and really, I mean it, Liz I can hear you from here, you know. "Well, … Continue reading Are You Sure? (Y/N)


Listening to Critiques

(What? A non-political post? Why, yes. Because despite the chaos surrounding us all, writing is still my job, and I still love doing it, and today I'm going to write about it.) Like most writers, I've got an uneasy relationship with critiques. As a writer, you understand, when you're writing with publication in mind, that … Continue reading Listening to Critiques